Our Music

In southern Louisiana, land and culture are inextricably connected. The music of the marshes and swamps is Cajun: fiddles, ‘tit-fer, guitars; waltzes and two-steps; Cajun French lyrics and vocal harmony. The music of New Orleans is a true gumbo, and thus its roots are African: brass and reeds, snare and bass, bottles and cans; marches and funk. The music of Cry You One, performed by an ensemble of eight singer/instrumentalists, evokes both of these worlds, and one more, the music of the dream world: vocal, a cappella, cycles and layers, performers and audience, together.

On our new recording of the music from Cry You One, we’re joined by special guests including Sarah Quintana, Matt Perrine, Jonno Frishberg and members of the Soul Rebels Brass Band. Pick up a copy at any Cry You One event, or buy it online:

Download CD booklet, including lyrics, credits and more:

For a quick preview, check out these clips:
Madame Serpent
The Answer is in Your Dreams